Founded in 1979, WIHA Grondmechanica has developed during the last decennia into a modern, well-equipped, geotechnical company. In 1995, we moved to our headquarters on the industrial estate "Gouwestroom" in Gouda. WIHA specializes in implementation of various types of ground mechanics research. With an extensive range of machines and equipment of all types and sizes, WIHA can apply the most appropriate equipment, regardless of geological complexity. Although WIHA has experienced a high degree of development in the field of ground mechanics, the developments in environmental research have certainly not stood still. That is why the service package that WIHA provides, consists of conducting environmental soil surveys, exploratory environmental (reference) surveys as well as detailed and decontamination research. WIHA has a leading role in the development and application of research equipment in areas of both soil mechanics and environmental surveys. Moreover, WIHA has the latest and most sophisticated equipment on hand for processing the research data, which means that the client receives a prompt report on demand. Besides the research techniques already mentioned, WIHA can also offer the possibilities of acoustic testing of piles, measuring undergound deformations with the aid of an incline indicator, execution of vibration measurements and precision water levelling and implementation of all the standard soil mechanics laboratory tests. WIHA is distinguished by being a flexible organization which is reflected in its professionalism, strong customer service and in the execution of the surveys.

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